Drew (_lackofcolor_) wrote in dream_philo,

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Just curious..

Who here likes to belive they have free will?


Who here likes to belive in God, and/or "Seers" or "Psycicks"

[forgive spelling]

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I'm not sure whether we have free will. I don't think I believe in God or some all knowning and controlling being, perhaps good spirit/energy, but not something which controlls us. Most of us do not have free will, but thats just because we choose not to free ourselves. But I guess eventually we can free ourselves from being 'slaves' as such, but then once we're 'free' we don't know whether our lives are being planned and controlled by higher beings, or forces around us.

However I believe that there are psychics, as I have had several psychic dreams myself - most of them correct to the tiniest details. But if we can have psychic powers and predict the future, surely the future is already planned out? But by who and what? Perhaps time exists on several different dimensions, each one seconds ahead of the present. I really have no idea. I spend ages sitting and thinking about this kind of thing. Perhaps I should start writing it down.. I could write a book! *grins*