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Just a thought....

I was wondering what everyone in this community thought of that quote from the X-files "A dream is an answer to a question we haven't yet learned how to ask."
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I've never watched the X-Files, but that is a good quote.
Plenty of things which we dream about, we don't understand, but has anyone ever had a dream which has made no sense, but several months later is giving you answers to things? Perhaps that's what it means?
Do you think that dreams tell us about the future then? We just have to learn to interpret them the right way, like in the Mothman Prophecies where he had to learn to interpret the warnings he got accurately.
In some way, yes, almost like we travel into a different parrallel universe type thing - only it could be 5 seconds ahead, 5 days ahead, or 5 decades ahead. If that makes sense to you?