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Anyone here ever have a premonition? I had two before...

The first one happened when I was in grade 5. It was the first week of June. I had a dream about my Grandpa. I visited him a few weeks earlier and my dream was just a recount of everything that happened. Like, everything that happened during that visit, happened in my dream. But at the end, when I was leaving, and hugged my grandpa goodbye, he told me that it would be the last time I`d see him. I woke up and was a bit worried. I never said anything about it because I thought it was just a dream. A week later, we found out he had died. No one knew he had died because sometimes he just doesn`t answer the door or the phone. But finally the care-taker came and checked on him and found him. They said he had been dead for at least a week...about the same time I had my dream.

The second premonition I had I dreamt that a Queen, or someone who was of royal blood died. I wasn`t quite sure who it was. A few days later, the 'Queen Mum' died.

Coincidence? What do you think?
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I totally believe in 'psychic' dreams or prophetic dreams. I've had several. I don't really have them now any more though...
About 3-4 years ago I dreamt three nights in a row of a ferry or ship crashing and sinking. The night the dreams stopped there was a ferry crashed in France. That was pretty scary, as I was due to come home from Spain on a ferry that week!

I also dreamt that I was in a packed ferry, and it felt like there was an earthquake, and then I died. A few days later on the news, a ferry had sunk in Indonesia, but they didn't know why. A week or so later it was revealed that it was from engine problems, and that the boat had been full of illegal immigrant passangers.

Don't know if any of you guys are in England, so I doubt you'll remember the carbomb out-side the BBC Studio about 2 years ago... I had a dream that there was a car parked outside our local community centre, and I knew that it was going to explode, but no-one believed me that it was a carbomb. Then it exploded (duh..) I told my mum about that dream in the morning and then on the news that night or the next night (can't remember) it was announced about the carbomb. My mum freaked out ... =o/

I've had loads of those kinds of dreams... it's pretty scary cause you know it's going to happen but there is nothing you can do about it.

I also used to never sleep the night before a major disaster. The concorde crash in France, I was in Spain again at the time, and the night before I must have only slept for 10 minutes or so. The next day I spent glued to the TV until it happened.

That all happened between the ages of about 11 and 14. Now I hardly ever dream prophetically, but I still have the prophetic thing - only when I'm awake. It's weird. =o/
ive had a few dreams before, they were more like nightmears. and i was at this place ive never been before...months later i actually came across these places, by coincidence...very strange..it happened like 4 times, kinda freaked me out.